Dynamic Servers Limited offer support for a wide range of domain names. There many different options when ordering a new domain for your website. You can have a variety of domain extensions such as .co.uk .uk, .org, .org.uk and of course .com. The most popular domain extensions for businesses in the UK is .co.uk. .co.uk domains are limited to the United Kingdom. These domains are popular with businesses and organisations online.  Here at Dynamic Servers Limited, we provide domain services for the main extensions.

Why do you need a domain name?

A domain name is an identifier for your website and emails. If it wasn’t for domain names the internet would be a very complicated area. The domain name links to a string of numbers known as an IP address. A domain name is essentially an encrypted message between a users device and multiple servers to bring you the websites and emails that you are requesting. If we didn’t have domain names people would have to memorise the different IP addresses for their favourite websites such as Google and BBC news. This would become very complicated.

In short, domain names make the internet an easier and safer place as it can cut down the risks of attacks and enable users to find your website quickly and easily.

Which Domain Names Do Dynamic Servers Support?

We support a wide range of domain names with our hosting packages. To find out the exact domain extensions that we support, please feel free to contact us. The included extensions that we support are: .co.uk, .org.uk, .org, .uk, .com and .net. These are most popular domain name extensions.

As well as supporting domains, we also sell domains to our clients and manage them on their behalf. Our annual charge for all domains including registration, management and registration is £22.80. When purchasing a domain, we commend that your purchase our excellent website hosting to keep all management and support in one easy place.

In Summary

Dynamic Servers Limited provide domain names support along with website hosting to give all of our clients an easy experience with their website and emails. For more information about any of our services, please feel free to contact our helpful team to arrange a chat.

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