Most hosting companies offer unlimited website hosting at an expensive price with an unresponsive support department. However, not all companies are like this. Here at Dynamic Servers, we provide all hosting accounts with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts at a reasonable price. As well as offering this at a reasonable price, we also offer full support with a support desk that will respond to you in less than one hour. Our support department is always able to help no matter how big or small your issue is.

When you subscribe to one of our unlimited website hosting plans, you will receive web space which is completely powered by renewable energy. This means that your website and emails will be helping to save the planet and will not be contributing to the fossil fuel trade. So you can rest easy knowing that you are helping to save the environment for the future.


With our service there comes guarantees. These guarantees cover everything from uptime to support. Below are just some of our guarantees.

Uptime Guarantee

Our network is guaranteed to provide 99.9% uptime each month. This essentially means that the network should not have a large amount of downtime. You will be pleased the hear that we are consistently exceeding our 99.9% uptime guarantee and are constantly providing users with 100% server uptime. This ensures that businesses can function efficiently with their emails and websites.

1 Hour Rapid Support Response Guarantee

If you require support from our expert teams, we will guarantee to respond to any queries that you may have within one hour of you submitting a help request. This guarantee applies to all support methods, whether it be via phone, email, live chat, or a support ticket through our client area. Please note, on occasions our team may be under tight pressure to solve issues. We ask that you remain calm and a member of our team will support you in a polite manner. We treat all customers with the same level of courtesy.

Renewable Energy Promise

We promise that our services are and will remain powered by renewable energy. The energy has been certified as renewable by the data centre, the energy provider (e-ON) and by the UK energy regulation organisation (Ofgem). Whilst we do have plans in place to ensure that there is no loss of power we will continue to invest in renewable practices.


Our unlimited website hosting is possibly the best investment that your business could make this year. We put pride in the service we deliver and like to reward all of our customers for choosing us. If you would like to move your hosting to Dynamic Servers Limited, please feel free to contact our team of experts. Alternatively, you can order your hosting and transfers direct online.

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Dynamic Servers Limited is a website hosting provider based in Bow, Devon, not far from the regional capital of Exeter. We are aiming to be the UK’s most reliable and greenest hosting company. All of our hosting servers are powered 100% by renewable energy. We are also aiming to be the most responsive website hosting company thanks to our telephone support and online support ticketing systems. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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