Spam emails can be very disruptive and annoying. They can clutter up an inbox which can allow you to miss important emails. Most hosting companies offer spam protection at an extra cost. However, we offer spam filtering as standard on all of our hosting plans. In this post, we will explain how our spam filter works and how we can change it for each hosting account.

How it works

Our spam filter checks every single incoming email as soon as it reaches the server. The system uses an algorithm to detect certain words or phrases that may be considered spam.  Once the system as decided on whether or not it is a spam email, it will move it to either two locations. If the message is not considered spam, it will get delivered directly to your inbox or to a predefined folder if you have message rules set up. However, if the message is considered spam, it will get delivered to a spam mailbox in your hosting account. Each individual email address can be subscribed to this spam box to ensure that no emails have been incorrectly marked as spam.

How does the system know what emails to mark?

The system uses a scoring system. The system is based on the numbers one to ten. One is the most aggressive whilst ten is the least aggressive. The default setting for all accounts is five. The reason for this is simple. It is in the middle and it allows us to benchmark to set your score depending on how much spam you receive. As an example, if you have been sent an email by numerous customers and it has been delivered to your spam box, we will need to alter the setting to a higher number to ensure that these emails are being delivered directly to your inbox.

Can email addresses be blocked or whitelisted?

If you are having trouble with spam from a certain email address, we can block all emails from that address. Likewise, if you are still having issues receiving emails from a certain email, we can whitelist certain email addresses so that their emails can bypass the spam filter to allow you to receive emails without any issues.


We offer a fully configurable spam filter to all accounts.  As part of our service, we handle all configuration of the filter to ensure that you get the best results possible. If you have any questions regarding our spam filter.

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