“Unlimited Hosting” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Many hosting companies charge high prices for small allowances of disk space and bandwidth. This means that when users have reached their disk space and bandwidth allowances, they will need to pay to upgrade. Here at Dynamic Servers Limited, we offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all of our hosting accounts. Every account is individual and has its own resources. Read through this blog post to find out how we are offering enough space and bandwidth for everyone.

Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

Bandwidth is very important for websites. It relates to the number of people who have visited your site and used the functions of the site. This is measured in the same measurements as disk space. It links in with all aspects of the account such as website, file transfers (FTP), SMTP (outgoing email), IMAP and POP3 (Incoming mail). When a bandwidth limit is reached, the website and emails will no longer work for the remainder of that period. This is why we offer unlimited bandwidth to ensure that all websites and emails remain active throughout the whole month.

Unlimited Disk Space

Disk space is a really important factor. If you have a  website that contains a lot of images, such as a photography portfolio site, then you will need a large amount of storage. This is why we offer unlimited disk space on all hosting accounts. To ensure that we have fair usage across our accounts we do have a file limit of 250,000 files. This is appropriate for 99% of all websites. There is no limit on the size of the files that you upload to your account and no physical disk space limit. Our servers come with enough space for everyone.

In conclusion

It always best to have too much disk space rather than not enough. This is why we provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth to all accounts on our systems. All accounts are allocated their own set of resources to ensure that there is enough for everyone.

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