A professional business email is everything. Studies have shown that people are getting more and more reluctant to email a business if they are using a generic email address. Using an email address that is linked to your website can be more effective and can increase the number of enquiries. Here at Dynamic Servers, we offer business email solutions with effective spam filtering. We offer email hosting as standard to all website hosting customers as well as a standalone service. In this blog post, we will explain in more detail how our email hosting services can help you.

Cloud Hosted Emails

All of our email accounts are hosted on our reliable cloud hosting network. With full SSL encryption keeping all outgoing and incoming mail safe and with an extensive spam filter to keep out those annoying emails. As the emails are all cloud-hosted, they are available on any device at any time.

Multiple Protocols Supported

All our emails come fully equipped with IMAP and POP3 connections to allow you to connect using various Mail apps on all of your devices including IOS and Android. Each protocol has its own unique benefits and features. IMAP is the most recent protocol and is used by the majority of people who manage their emails on different devices. IMAP constantly keep s a connection to the server and stores all of your emails on the server. If you view or send an email on one device it will show on every other device that is using IMAP. POP3 is very different and saves all mail to your device. Sent items do not appear on any other devices. This option is particularly useful if you have a slow connection on a high number of emails. If you are unsure about which protocol would be best for you to use, please contact our helpful support department, who will be happy to help.

Top Level Support

Like with all of our services, we offer our top-level support to all clients. If there is anything that you need from setting up to troubleshooting any little glitches that you may have. You are always welcome to submit a support request in any method you prefer. You can find out about all of our support methods here.

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