With a climate emergency being declared across the country, it is time for businesses across the country to do their part in helping to revert climate change.  One way your business can help is to switch to a Green website hosting provider. Dynamic Servers is a completely green provider. Our entire network is entirely powered by renewable energy. When you change your hosting to Dynamic Servers, you can be assured that your website and emails are being powered entirely by renewable sources. Both the energy provider (e-On) and Ofgem have certified the energy sources to be completely renewable. Dynamic Servers is also a paperless business, we ensure that all invoices are sent and received electronically so that we don’t consume any paper.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Servers Limited?

There are many benefits of using Dynamic Servers to power your website and emails. The main benefit is knowing that your business has done their bit to help ensure that the internet is a greener facility. Furthermore, our network is entirely based in the UK. This means that websites and emails can be served at faster speeds. As an entirely UK based company, it also means that support response times are kept to a minimum. Unlike most hosting providers we offer a support department that works around you. We don’t like keeping people waiting so we offer telephone, live chat and email support, allowing you to choose the most effective option for you and your business.


Secure Hosting

All of our hosting packages are fully secured and comes with SSL certificates as standard to ensure your website is fully compliant under the General Data Protection Regulation (Which is to be adopted under UK law after Brexit in 2020). To ensure that you don’t incur a fine by the ICO, purchase a Dynamic Servers hosting plan and keep your website and emails secure. All SSL certificates renew every three months to ensure that the information is correct and that they keep in line with any legislation updates or search engine algorithm changes.


Find Out More

If you would like more information about our hosting solutions, please feel free to contact our helpful team who will be more than happy to assist you.