Do you ever consider where your website is actually hosted? Is it hosted in another country? With Dynamic Servers, your websites are completely hosted in the UK. Our Datacentre is in a secure location not far from the UK capital city of London. Being a UK based data center our servers provide to fastest possible load times for UK businesses. Many of the major hosting brands host their servers in other countries such as America so although they advertise super fast loading speeds, you may still encounter some delays in content delivery.

What if I sell my products around the world?

The good news is that if you sell your products and services around the world, every visitor will receive the same great loading speeds all around the world. We operate a complete Content Delivery Network that connects to different servers all across the globe. This ensures that all users can browse your website with ease and you don’t miss out on sales because of an underperforming website.

Do I need to have any knowledge of website hosting to use your systems?

The short answer is no. All of our plans come with a fully manged service. We take care of everything, setting up email accounts, autoresponders, DNS Zones etc. All you need to do is tell us what emails you want, any subdomains and our team will get it sorted for you. Our managed service also includes our 1 hour support response and our team appreciates that not every user is the best computer user in the world, so we are able to log in to your computers to configure your email accounts for you.

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Dynamic Servers Limited is a website hosting provider based in Bow, Devon, not far from the regional capital of Exeter. We are aiming to be the UK’s most reliable and greenest hosting company. All of our hosting servers are powered 100% by renewable energy. We are also aiming to be the most responsive website hosting company thanks to our telephone support and online support ticketing systems. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.