Choosing A Secure Server Provider
February 26, 2020
by Dynamic Servers

A website server is a physical piece of hardware. But a website is also hosted on software. Both of these elements need to be kept secure in order for your website to be operating correctly and to be keeping its users safe. Be wary of cheap website servers and website hosting services. If they’ve lowered their prices, they’ve cut costs somewhere. Often, this is at the level of their security. And if they’ve compromised the security of their server, that means they’ve also compromised the security of your website and your business. Here’s why we think it is so important to choose a secure server provider.


Cyber Security

Websites need to be protected from online criminals. Cybercrime is predicted to be the greatest threat towards businesses in 2020. From private customer information to intellectual property, businesses hold valuable information on their website and within their digital networks. There are many layers of cyber security and your requirements will depend on your business size and type. However, many small businesses are finding themselves falling prey to cyber-attacks precisely because they assume they are not worth targeting and therefore don’t invest. Every business should consider cyber security an important layer in their overall security.

Cyber security on your website should start with an SSL certificate. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol which demonstrates to the website user that the connection between their private computer and the website is secure. When users are on your website, information is exchanged, sometimes including valuable and private personal data. Therefore, users need to know that anything confidential will not be intercepted and that they can trust you to protect their data. If a website does not have an SSL certificate, most browsers now notify its users, warning them that the site they are about to enter may not be secure. Google also penalises websites without an SSL certificate and favours more secure websites in its search results. Can you see the padlock to the left of the domain at the top of your screen right now? That’s our SSL certificate. All websites hosted by Dynamic Servers get a free SSL certificate when you move to us.

Cyber security goes beyond an SSL certificate, however. Firewalls are also key to preventing cyberattacks by hackers, seeking to gain access to data and other commodifiable digital assets. Dynamic Servers is proud to be using a learning firewall. This cutting-edge technology monitors each individual website which we host and learns its behaviour. Through this AI gathering process, it is able to effectively block suspicious and threatening behaviour, tailored to each website for maximum efficiency.

We also store all of our hosting accounts in isolation. Therefore, if one of the accounts becomes compromised, we are best able to contain the problem and not allow it to affect any other clients. Aside from cyber security, this segmentation of our hosting clients also improves the reliability of our services and allows for faster responses when issues arise as we can easily identify the problem and move to fix it promptly.

One of the most commonly recognised forms of cybercrime are email scams (think Nigerian Princes needing your bank details to pass you thousands of dollars). Most of us don’t fall for these because they are so blatant, although this style of email scam made $700,000 out of Amercians in 2019! However, cybercriminals have since evolved to create more difficult to spot email scams. From masquerading as banks to brands such as PayPal, these criminals have wised up and learned how to hide their true intentions behind cleverly crafted, branded emails which trick recipients into thinking they are legitimate and therefore handing over private account information. This is called phishing and happens more often than you might expect. Dynamic Servers keeps its users secure with the highest level of spam filtering. Email senders can be blocked, unblocked or set to bypass the filter if required. But our policy is ‘Zero Tolerance To Spam’ in our effort to keep our customers secure and safe on our server. No Nigerian Royalty will be getting in touch with you on our watch!


Physical Security

Our servers hold the data required to keep our client’s websites up and running. If anything were to happen to our servers, the websites would no longer be live. Before you panic, we take backups of all our client’s websites, so we are able to restore them if the original data is compromised. But we invest in making sure that our servers are secure and protected too. We use a combination of physical and virtual security measures at our data centre.

We choose to invest in these security measures including CCTV, controlled access and high walls to deter criminals. We also invest in making sure our servers run 24/7 from our wind generated energy and power bank to guarantee 99.9% uptime.

If you want to find out more about the security of Dynamic Servers, get in touch with us today