Dynamic Servers Goes Climate Positive!
September 23, 2020
by Dynamic Servers

Dynamic Servers Limited, a Devon-based business providing smart website hosting, has gone Climate Positive! Being Climate Positive means any activity the business generates goes one step further than being carbon neutral. On top of offsetting carbon emissions produced by its business activities, Dynamic Servers Limited creates environmental benefits by eradicating additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Seeking to lead the way forward to a greener tomorrow by being Climate Positive, Dynamic Servers believes this is the future for their environmentally conscious business. As of 19th August 2020, Dynamic Servers has been certified as ‘Climate Positive’ by the organisation ‘Go Climate Positive’. 

Managing Director, Paul Edworthy, commented “Over the last 12 months Dynamic Servers Limited saved just over 3 tonnes of CO2e more than they produced, meaning that their carbon usage was -3.397 tCO2e. It gives you a real great feeling inside knowing we are doing a great deal to help the climate emergency.”

Achieving this revered status took a lot of hard work and includes an ongoing commitment to generate all energy through renewable wind turbines, and planting a tree for every new client. Dynamic Servers is passionate about offering a more sustainable way of doing business, believing that every small decision and action leads to a better world. 

Going Climate Positive matters more than ever as businesses and organisations across the world urgently need to reassess the rapidly escalating carbon problem, and the role they play in it. As the effects of climate change are felt globally, it has become apparent that just offsetting emissions to become carbon neutral will not be sufficient. 

Dynamic Servers is a trailblazer; a positive example of how companies can actively help the environment, rather than just cancelling out their carbon footprint. By powering its servers with 100% renewable wind energy and planting a tree for each new client in partnership with the Woodland Trust, it is helping to create an optimistic future for greener businesses on a large scale.

 Delivering superior security, speed and personalised service, Dynamic Servers Limited offers a premium quality website hosting. This includes web hosting, email accounts and domain registration, ensuring a cleaner, greener way of doing business without compromising on quality. Dynamic Servers clients are from all walks of life, united in their desire to find a greener way of doing business. Join our community today by contacting us.