February 2021 Newsletter

February 09, 2021

Hello February!

January is behind us. Despite the recent snow, those small signs of Spring are finally appearing, from lighter evenings to bright flowers popping their heads up here and there.

Regardless of the unexpected lockdown restrictions we’ve all experienced, we are still feeling optimistic that the coming months will bring not only Spring sunshine, but many opportunities and positive changes in all areas of our lives.

Dynamic Servers Limited

Top tip from Dynamic Servers: Immediately reduce your carbon footprint with just one

Did you know that keeping undeleted emails impacts our environment? If not, you are not

Almost three-quarters of the UK (72%) are unaware that the digital footprint of their inbox
is directly linked to their carbon footprint.

Recent studies suggest that the annual carbon created by energy trails of unnecessary emails is in the region of around 23, 475 tonnes. This may seem ludicrous, but once we factor in that each email travels around 15, 000 km before we’ve even opened it (let alone
responded, stored, then all so often ignored!), it starts to add up. This amount of carbon is equivalent to 115, 931 flights from Heathrow to Madrid.
Undeleted emails are often the worst culprits, using power and storage space. This is avoidable. With one click, we can change the setting in our junk folder so unwanted emails are emptied regularly and stored for shorter periods of time. This both reduces our carbon footprint and saves valuable space and energy on the servers that store them for us.

Remember, the energy that powers these inboxes of ours can be environmentally conscious. Dynamic Servers Limited provides fast green website hosting, powered by 100% renewable energy with fast servers and swift response times. This reduces the bounce rate caused by slow loading websites which can result in as many as 70% of potential new customers clicking away before your page even loads. Dynamic Servers
Limited provides fast green website hosting powered by 100% renewable energy.

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Edworthy Media

Top Tip from Edworthy Media:

Less focus on singular buzz words, more focus on user engagement.

An often overlooked tip for SEO is to remember to write for humans first, search engines second. Content that shows awareness of the user will encourage engagement, activity and loyalty with a page. Reflect on a time you wanted to search for something and how you worded it. Often it’s less about searching for a keyword, and more about a question to help resolve a query. By providing engaging and valuable content, you are prioritising the user and their needs.

Remember, SEO is tailored to individual user searches, and keywords are actually ranked 4th for top activities for SEO. Prioritising the actual person, with valuable content that intrigues and interests them, results in popularity with users, encourages loyalty and drives up ranking.

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Edworthy Tech

A note from Edworthy Tech:
We provide advice, sales, repairs and IT support for businesses across the South-West.

We also provide remote support to businesses experiencing IT difficulties.

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Green Forward

Coming up:
We are excited for all February has to offer, in particular our next Green Forward Networking Event on Thursday 25th February 2021 via Zoom.

Green Forward Networking helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and events are free to attend, thanks to our wonderful sponsors. Our guest speaker this month is Adam Smith, founder of The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP). We are delighted to hear
Adam to share his inspirational story behind this revolutionary project. TRJFP is now the UK’s largest environmental charity, redistributing and sharing surplus food from all areas of the food industry, making a huge difference to the lives of so many.

To sign up to this event, please click here

To discover more about The Real Junk Food Project, please click here

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Finally, all the crew would like to wish you a safe and healthy month ahead. We would like to sincerely thank our current clients and sponsors for their invaluable support. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in any of our services.

Take care